The Brazilian Building

1876 Scientific American  
AMONG the distinguished foreign visitors to the great Exhibition now present is Dom Pedro II., Emperor of Brazil, who, with the Empress, has visited our shores as a private in dividual, having d�clilled all otlicial recognition. Dom Pedro is well known as a lover of science, a man of far-reaching sagacity, unusual intelligence, and practical edu cation. He is a. man of great industry, and is making use of every moment of his tim" in this country in procuring infor mation concerning our
more » ... erning our institutions and improvements. 'Ve present herewith his portrait. He was bom in 18ll5, three years after the declaration of Brazil's independence of Por t uguese rule under the leadership of Dom Pedro I., his father, and one year after the present constitution was adopted. When but six years old he was left by his father, who abdicated the throne of Brazil in 1831, and returning to Portugal to put himself at the head of the liberal movement there, never saw his boy again. The lad thus early or phaned for reasons of state, was committed to the care of Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Sil va, whose civic virtues and integrity have mer ited from his countrymen the title of the "George \Vashington of Brazil." Under the fostering care of that great and good man, the lad grew and developed those tastes which honor his tutor and the land over which he has now reigned for a period of thir ty.,six ye, ars. 'l'he country showed its confi dence in the young ruler and his training by declaring his majority at fourteen years of age. He visits us in his vigorous manhood, with a wdl-prepared mind and a keen obser vation. Nothing will escape him.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican05201876-325bsupp fatcat:lqu3l5fhkfa6nhtw6g5ptklfoe