Hanning Weighted Window Analysis Assisted Time-Series Analysis Model for Slow Moving Target Detection in Sea Clutter

Rajesh B., Udayarani V., Jayaramaiah G.V
2020 International journal of engineering research and technology  
The exponential rise in maritime movement, security threats from up-surging terrorism and smuggling has alarmed academia-industries to develop more efficient method for target detection in coastal area. This task becomes more complex and intricate in case of small moving target in seaclutter. Amongst the major available approaches such as multiple-radar based methods, wavelet analysis methods, Doppler measurements, Fourier transforms, Short Term Fourier Transform (STFT) based techniques, STFT
more » ... techniques, STFT has been found more robust. The ability to perform simultaneous time and frequency analysis for time-series assessment enables STFT to be used in small target detection in sea clutter; however the inherent limitations such as improper Windowing, window-size, number of samples, overlapping conditions affect overall performance. Considering it as motivation, in this paper we have developed an efficient Hanning Weighted Window Function (HWWF) model to be used in conjunction with STFT to perform Hanning-Weighted Overlapped Time-Series Analysis (HWOTSA) to detect slow moving target detection in sea clutter. The use of orthonormal transformation also called rotation enabled Hanning Window Analysis to use suitable STFT parameters and statistical test across the windows to achieve better accuracy of the target detection. HWOTSA assisted STFT in conjunction with the Probability Distribution Function Projection (PPM) over extracted features enabled accurate slow moving target detection in sea clutter. The MATLAB based simulation affirmed that the proposed method enables accurate and swift (slow) moving target detection in sea clutter, without introducing higher computational overheads and complexities. The estimation of Doppler measurement based target velocity estimation armour proposed method to be used in real-time applications for swift decision making.
doi:10.37624/ijert/13.1.2020.36-47 fatcat:2rfdp6capzff5od5sdhg3jnroa