Evaluation of counterfactuality in counterfactual communication protocols

D. R. M. Arvidsson-Shukur, A. N. O. Gottfries, C. H. W. Barnes
2017 Physical Review A  
We provide an in-depth investigation of parameter estimation in Nested Mach-Zehnder interferometers (NMZIs) using two information measures: the Shannon mutual information and the classical Fisher information. Protocols for counterfactual communition (CFC) have, so far, been based on two different definitions of counterfactuality. In particular, some schemes have been based on NMZI devices, but have recently been subject to criticism. We provide a methodology for evaluating the counterfactuality
more » ... e counterfactuality of these protocols, based on an information theoretical framework. More specifically, we make the assumption that any realistic quantum channel in MZI structures will have some weak uncontrolled interaction, and we use the Fisher information to measure counterfactual violations. The measure is used to evaluate the suggested counterfactual communication protocol by Salih et al. Salih13. The protocol of Arvidsson-Shukur and Barnes ArvShukur16, based on a different definition, is evaluated with a probability measure. Our results show that the definition of Arvidsson-Shukur and Barnes is satisfied by their scheme, whilst that of Salih et al. is only satisfied by perfect quantum channels. For realistic devices the latter protocol does not achieve its objective.
doi:10.1103/physreva.96.062316 fatcat:4ikxtn5lcnewdhrd2wlosxcjru