Fingerprint Ridge Line Reconstruction [chapter]

Yaxuan Qi
Intelligent Information Processing II  
Reconstruction of fingerprint ridge lines is a critical pre-processing step in the identification of poor quality fingerprint images. This paper presents a new fingerprint ridge line reconstruction approach by way of ridge line tracing. In our research, the fingerprint ridge line in a gray scale image is viewed as a track of a ridge segment moving along the ridge. The curve tracing problem is solved by the target tracking technique in computer vision. We first formulate the model of fingerprint
more » ... odel of fingerprint ridge line segments and then apply a target tracking method to trace each of the ridge lines. In addition, a feedback technique is adopted to correct the fingerprint directional image in each tracing step in order to improve tracing accuracy. By connecting all the traced ridge line segments, a polyline reconstruction of the ridge line can be obtained. We objectively assess the performance of this approach by using NIST fingerprint images.
doi:10.1007/0-387-23152-8_27 dblp:conf/ifip12/Qi04 fatcat:26q4nnmlunem3daznv6gyvkkxi