Plunger frequency control of the side coupled accelerating structure for the IFUSP Microtron

J. Takahashi, M.N. Martins, J.A. de Lima, A.A. Malafronte, L. Portante, M.T.F. da Cruz, P.R. Pascholati
Proceedings of the 1997 Particle Accelerator Conference (Cat. No.97CH36167)  
A β = 1 accelerating structure for the IFUSP Microtron has been built. The 17-cavity structure and the tuning plungers placed at both ends of the structure are described. Details from some of the processes, like machining and pre-tuning of the cavities, brazing of the pieces and the final tuning of the whole structure are given. The final results obtained for the structure are presented and the dynamic tuning system based on moving plungers described. 2998 0-7803-4376-X/98/$10.00
doi:10.1109/pac.1997.753087 fatcat:xwei4d3civhenpuy5jcymwfvba