Epithelial sentinels or protozoan parasites?: Studies on isolated rodlet cells on the 100th anniversary of an enigma Centinelas epiteliales o parásitos protozoarios?: Estudios en células rodlet aisladas en el centenario de un enigma

2007 Revista Chilena de Historia Natural  
Rodlet cells are an unusual cell type found exclusively in teleost fishes. Their principal characteristics are a fibrous capsule and arrow or club-like structures pointing towards the apex of the cell, which are called rodlets. Rodlet cells were first described by Thelohan (1892) as undetermined sporozoan fish parasites, and soon after named Rhabdospora thelohani by Laguesse (1895). In 1906, a presently ongoing controversy started, with Plehn's independent characterization of rodlet cells as
more » ... ogenous glandular cells, and a prompt refutation by Laguesse (1906). Both maintained their position, and during the following century both views continued to coexist with varying popularity, while additional interpretations of rodlet cell function were proposed. Here I present observations of live rodlet cells from the olfactory epithelium of the marine teleost Isacia conceptionis. Rodlet ejection was monitored and the fate of rodlet cells and ejected rodlets was tracked for up to 12 h. While rodlet cells died within a few hours, usually after rodlet expulsion, the rodlets remained stable over the observation period. These results are discussed in the light of the current hypotheses regarding rodlet cell functionLas células "rodlet" son un tipo celular poco usual que se encuentra exclusivamente en peces teleósteos. Sus características principales son tener una cápsula fibrosa y estructuras en forma de lanza que apuntan hacia el ápice de la célula, denominadas "rodlet". Las células "rodlet" fueron descritas por primera vez por Thelohan (1892) como parásitos esporozoarios no determinados de peces, y poco después bautizados por Laguesse (1895) como Rhabdospora thelohani. En 1906, con la caracterización independiente realizada por Plehn de estas células como células glandulares endógenas, y la pronta refutación por Laguesse (1906), comienza una controversia que se ha mantenido hasta hoy. Ambos defendieron su posición, y durante el siglo siguiente ambas visiones continuaron coexistiendo con variada popularidad, al mismo tie [...]
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