Evaluation of the Laser Ablation of Transition Metals/Metal Compounds by Time-of-Flight and Optical Spectroscopy

Terry L. Thiem, Lyn R. Watson, James A. Gardner, Rainer A. Dressier, Richard H. Salter, Edmond Murad
1992 Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings  
A fast pulsed beam of neutral metal atoms is produced by laser vaporization of a solid metal or metal compound sample in a modified high-temperature mass spectrometer. Atomic beams of several eV kinetic energy are generated as measured using time-of-flight spectroscopy. The energy range can be controlled with the laser power, similar to studies conducted on thin metal films. The solid samples, however, overcome the problem of short sample lifetime associated with irradiating thin films. Samples
more » ... have been irradiated for several hours without observing a change in beam intensity or energy, thus offering an interesting source for kinetic studies. Irhial results of studies done on copper, nickel, zinc and related oxide, sulfide, bromide, and chloride salts will be discussed as to their applicability to serve as a fast atom source. Spectroscopic data from these compounds will also be presented.
doi:10.1557/proc-285-99 fatcat:ft3fj7ivkjcchpbab6m35skumm