All that glitters is not fire. Apologia Lunae adversus Stoicos. Critical and stylistic observations on Plu., De facie 921E-922E

Aurelio Pérez-Jiménez
2020 Ploutarchos  
In this article I will analyse the passage of Plutarch's De facie in orbe Lunae (cap. 5) where the author defends the earthy nature of the Moon against the Stoic theory that considers it a mixture of air and fire. I will pay special attention to the physicalphilosophical arguments of the Platonist on this subject as well as to the stylistical procedures that underline those arguments. My comment will have as starting point a previous critical discussion of some textual particularities of the
more » ... pter in question, as a result of which I propose a new edition of it. The article is closed with a stylistic analysis, which highlights the literary values of all the chapter and, by way of proposal, with a rhythmic commentary of the first Lamprias' intervention.
doi:10.14195/0258-655x_17_5 fatcat:dvoao7evnzfwfltjnq4x5co5kq