Learning to Reason in Round-based Games: Multi-task Sequence Generation for Purchasing Decision Making in First-person Shooters [article]

Yilei Zeng, Deren Lei, Beichen Li, Gangrong Jiang, Emilio Ferrara, Michael Zyda
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Sequential reasoning is a complex human ability, with extensive previous research focusing on gaming AI in a single continuous game, round-based decision makings extending to a sequence of games remain less explored. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), as a round-based game with abundant expert demonstrations, provides an excellent environment for multi-player round-based sequential reasoning. In this work, we propose a Sequence Reasoner with Round Attribute Encoder and Multi-Task Decoder
more » ... to interpret the strategies behind the round-based purchasing decisions. We adopt few-shot learning to sample multiple rounds in a match, and modified model agnostic meta-learning algorithm Reptile for the meta-learning loop. We formulate each round as a multi-task sequence generation problem. Our state representations combine action encoder, team encoder, player features, round attribute encoder, and economy encoders to help our agent learn to reason under this specific multi-player round-based scenario. A complete ablation study and comparison with the greedy approach certify the effectiveness of our model. Our research will open doors for interpretable AI for understanding episodic and long-term purchasing strategies beyond the gaming community.
arXiv:2008.05131v1 fatcat:sekojcl7pnevjefs4blb7356n4