Metastatic Breast Carcinoma to the Pituitary Gland that Presented as Diabetes Insipidus: A Case Report

Ioannis Samaras
2017 Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research  
Bones, lungs and liver are the most common sites of primary breast tumors. Metastases to the pituitary gland are rare and usually indicate widespread malignant disease. The more frequent manifestations of pituitary gland involvement are diabetes insipidus and visual disturbances. Case Report: This is a 45-year-old woman who was presented with headache, visual disorders, polyuria, polydipsia, significant hypernatremia and dyspnea. The clinical examination revealed a palpable mass in the right
more » ... ast, while the imaging evaluation showed extensive lung, liver, brain and bone metastases and a metastatic lesion in the pituitary gland, which was compatible with the symptoms of the patient. She received desmopressin for diabetes insipidus control, and underwent whole brain -orbital irradiation and chemotherapy, with resolution of her symptoms and partial remission of the disease. This case shows that diabetes insipidus may be the first manifestation of metastatic breast cancer and early detection and treatment, can improve the associated symptoms.
doi:10.15406/jcpcr.2017.08.00273 fatcat:lgoq6s2wkjgfdhwcb2lxukso6u