A Scalable Algorithm for Physically Motivated and Sparse Approximation of Room Impulse Responses With Orthonormal Basis Functions

Giacomo Vairetti, Enzo De Sena, Michael Catrysse, Soren Holdt Jensen, Marc Moonen, Toon van Waterschoot
2017 IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio Speech and Language Processing  
Parametric modeling of room acoustics aims at representing room transfer functions (RTFs) by means of digital filters and finds application in many acoustic signal enhancement algorithms. In previous work by other authors, the use of orthonormal basis functions (OBFs) for modeling room acoustics has been proposed. Some advantages of OBF models over all-zero and pole-zero models have been illustrated, mainly focusing on the fact that OBF models typically require less model parameters to provide
more » ... he same model accuracy. In this paper, it is shown that the orthogonality of the OBF model brings several additional advantages, which can be exploited if a suitable algorithm for identifying the OBF model parameters is applied. Specifically, the orthogonality of OBF models does not only lead to improved model efficiency (as pointed out in previous work), but also leads to improved model scalability and model stability. Its appealing scalability property derives from a previously unexplored interpretation of the OBF model as an approximation to a solution of the inhomogeneous acoustic wave equation. Following this interpretation, a novel identification algorithm is proposed that takes advantage of the OBF model orthogonality to deliver efficient, scalable and stable OBF model estimates, which is not necessarily the case for nonlinear estimation techniques that are normally applied.
doi:10.1109/taslp.2017.2700940 fatcat:mjxoprv7qvexpluhetfhkhwpqi