L'Europa dopo gli attentati di Parigi: intervista a Farhad Khosrokhavar

Francesco Antonelli
During his 1993 "Reith Lectures", published in Representa-tions of Intellectual (1993), the very famous Palestinian scholar Edward Said highlighted to take position against ideological trivialize of events and social phenomena – in particular that by mass media – is the main mission of contemporary social critique. On the contrary, social critique should point out complexity and ambivalence of the social reality. In this way, deep intellectual work by Farhad Khosrokhavar – student of Alain
more » ... ine, Directeur d'études at "Centre d'analyse et d'intervention sociologiques" in Paris (CADIS, "École des hautes études en sciences sociales") – has been moved. He is author a lot of influential books about the relationship between religions, politics and society, as Inside Jihadism, Understanding Jihadi Movements Worldwide (Yale Cultural Sociology Series 2008), The New Arab Revolutions that Shook the World, (Paradigm Publishers, Boulder and London 2012). In Italian language they also translated: I nuovi martiri di Allah (Bruno Mondadori, Milano, 2003), La ricerca di Sé. Dialogo sul soggetto (co-author Alain Touraine, Il Saggiatore, Milano 2003). We got through to Professor Khosrokhavar in his Parisian office, in order to ask him some questions about what is happening in European societies afterwards the terrorist attacks in Paris in 7th January 2015.
doi:10.13134/2239-804x/2-2015/6 fatcat:m6n6j6ixznftjjkssvn5hliqeq