Computational Life Science and Application in Drug Discovery and Medical Development(K Computer: Present and Future of the Next-Generation Supercomputer Project)
戦略分野1:予測する生命科学・医療および創薬基盤 : 生命科学における高性能計算(<特集>次世代スーパーコンピュータ「京」:動き出した大型プロジェクトの全体像)

Toshio Yanagida
Nihon Butsuri Gakkaishi  
: The Advanced Institute for Computational Science ( AICS ) was establisbed hl Kobe on July 1 , 2010 . This new organiza − tion is responsible for operati 皿 g the Next − Generation Super 一 comp 撚 er − named " K " after the character 京 , whioh stands for 10 to the 16th power − and for carrymg eut R &D in computatlonal sc1 − ence and teoh皿 ology , Our mission is to get the maximum pGtentlal use out of the " K computer ' , to prop 巳1 Japan tQ a leadjng position in the wor 韮 d of oomputational
more » ... ee and technology . Petascale computing hardware is just around the corner . Petascale resources wi 旺 enable us to enter a new era of modeling , The supercomputef is an essentia 監too 置for contempQrary science and techno 且 ogy , The po − tentlal it offers for expanding basic research in the study of the uni − verse , e 畳 e 皿 entary particles , materials sc 正 ence and the life science is clear . But the supercomputer 童 s equa 皿 y esseltial to a wide range Qf advanced science and tech且 010gy that ls directly related to our dai ! y lives . We are in the midst of a fierce global co 皿 petition to de − velop and use the most advanced supercomputer
doi:10.11316/butsuri.66.7_528 fatcat:tsvplqcfizbrvb75ehvjj4wrxm