Alternatinig Currenits of Electricity: By Gisbert Kapp, C. E., M. I. C. E., M. I. E. E., With an introduction by William Stanley, Jr. New York: W. J. Johnston Co

R. A. F.
1893 Science  
Their "hootings" seem to be confined to no especial season of the year, but can be heard almost any night, and are quite noisy moonlight nights. As they grow older they consume less food, and are not fed oftener than every other day. They are strong and vigorous, and, as a proof of their muscular powers, I once saw the female lift a dead turkey, which weighed no less than eight pounds, bodily, from the ground. Their sense of hearing is especially good; the least noise always attracts their
more » ... attracts their attention. As for their eyesight, in broad daylight no birds could be better, as I have frequently noticed themn looking at birds, wlhiclh were flying over, at very great heights, on very clear and bright days. Thev have never made any attemnpts to breed whiatever, 1lor has either one shown any affection for the other, although they seem to be on the best of ternms, except when eating they occasionally have a scrimnmage over a piece of meat. WILLARI) E. TREA1. East Hartford, Conn.
doi:10.1126/science.ns-22.553.138-a fatcat:2ywofdwrtva33jv5gcdbtpym4i