The Influence of Social Media on Early Childhood Growth in the Era of the NET Generation

Annisa Salma Fadilah
2018 Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Early Childhood Education. Semarang Early Childhood Research and Education Talks (SECRET 2018)   unpublished
Advances in Science and Technology have a significant impact on the life line of society. One of them is social media that makes communication easier. Social media is no longer a new thing in the community. Starting from adults, teenagers, children to toddlers now have social media accounts. Like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Early childhood is a time of exploring and imitating. What is in his environment will certainly affect his mindset and lifestyle. In this digital era, we often find a
more » ... ariety of social media accounts owned by children after an early age, whereas in general they cannot use social media. This will certainly influence the growth of early childhood, especially on aspects of children's moral development, social-emotional development, motor development, and language development in children. The purpose of this article is to analyze the influence of social media on early childhood growth and development. According to a literature review that has been carried out, there are several benefits of social media in child development and on the other hand shows the many negative influences of social media on early childhood development. Like the number of speak delay, gaming disorder, kidnapping, extortion, fraud, and the worrying thing for early childhood is that they cannot tell which virtual world is in social media and the real world, because the concept that he gets more about cyberspace through social media. Patterns of fostering and coaching from relevant stakeholders are needed to anticipate addiction and prevent negative impact from social media itself.
doi:10.2991/secret-18.2018.42 fatcat:dilqqvuk6rddhh34ge57tqacuy