J/ψ→Ds,dπ,Ds,dKdecays with perturbative QCD approach

Junfeng Sun, Yueling Yang, Jie Gao, Qin Chang, Jinshu Huang, Gongru Lu
2016 Physical Review D  
Besides the conventional strong and electromagnetic decay modes, the J/ψ particle can also decay via the weak interaction in the standard model. In this paper, nonleptonic J/ψ → D_s,dπ, D_s,dK weak decays, corresponding to the externally emitted virtual W boson process, are investigated with the perturbative QCD approach. It is found that branching ratio for the Cabibbo-favored J/ψ → D_sπ decay can reach up to O(10^-10), which might be potentially measurable at the future high-luminosity experiments.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.94.034029 fatcat:o7rth4l5ajfs7eupdmfg2ufmoy