Fission Yeast Expression Vectors Adapted for Positive Identification of Gene Insertion and Green Fluorescent Protein Fusion

Yuqi Zhao, Robert T. Elder, Mingzhong Chen, Jian Cao
1998 BioTechniques  
Sho r t Technical Repo r t s system or even by eye. As compared with conventional cDNA RDA, which is highly specific to isolate a small number of differentially expressed genes, our technique facilitates the study of the expression patterns of arrayed cDNA clones or whole libraries. We are convinced that in the future, hybridizations with cDNA-RDA probes and gridded library arrays will represent a valuable technique to study differential gene expression in a variety of biological systems
more » ... needing to purchase expensive equipment. REFERENCES 1. Augenlicht, L.H., J. Taylor, L. Anderson and M. Lipkin. 1991. Patterns of gene expression that characterize the colonic mucosa in patients at genetic risk for colonic cancer.
doi:10.2144/98253st06 pmid:9762442 fatcat:7p2nyzqbvbe5tgsjix7si4fmrq