Bibliographical Notices A Manual on Extracting Teeth . Founded on the Anatomy of the parts involved in the Operation; the kinds and proper construction of the Instruments to be used; the Accidents liable to occur from the Operation, and the proper Remedies to retrieve such Accidents. By Abraham Robertson, D.D.S., M.D., Author of Prize Essay on Extracting Teeth, &c. Philadelphia: Lindsay and Blakiston. 12mo. pp. 198

1864 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Tins is a sound, practical manual, calculated to do much good in tho special department of dentistry of which it treats. It is written in a truly scientific and professional spirit. The anatomy of the jaws and teeth is given quite in detail. The subject of toothache is treated of in a manner which forcibly illustrates the truth which is too much overlooked, that no man can bo a reliable dentist who is not a thoroughly educated physician. From toothache the reader naturally passes to the one
more » ... reign remedy, tho cold steel ; which, in its various tortuous and prehensile forms (so familiar and so dreadful to every one who takes tho fatal seat in that high-backed chair, with its perpetual mockery of elaborate comfort), is most graphically and abundantly delineated. The various methods of using the same and the reasons therefor are so rationally given, that we should be quite willing to trust the extraction of our most tenacious molar to Dr. Robertson, should dire necessity bring it to such a fate. The various accidents which may occur in the process of extraction, and the methods of treating such emergencies, with a judicious chapter on Anaesthesia in Dentistry, conclude this little book, which is small enough to find a place in every physician's library ; and to those of the profession who, from their isolated position, are obliged to practise the operation of which it mainly treats, will be a most valuable acquisition. It is profusely illustrated with good wood-cuts. Messrs. Ticknor & Fields have it for sale. The Principles and Practice of Dental Surgery.
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