Enhanced Longitudinal and Lateral Flux Uniformity for Linear Fresnel Reflectors in Concentrating Photovoltaic Systems

V. Everett, D. Walter, J. Harvey, M. Vivar, S. Surve, A. Blakers, P. Le Lievre, M. Greaves, A. Tanner
This paper presents an overview of the particular optical features of a novel linear Fresnel concentration system that are designed to maximise the uniformity of the longitudinal and lateral flux distribution in the ANU-Chromasun hybrid CPV-Thermal Micro-concentrator (MCT) system. The MCT's unique enclosure has freed the optic and tracking systems from the complexities of dealing with wind loading and the thermal expansion mismatch of composite mirror structures. The ultra light-weight
more » ... ght-weight reflectors are free to deal with optical considerations alone, and are mounted with independent closed loop tracking systems at each end. This has reduced system cost, improved longitudinal flux uniformity and increased the expected lifetime system yield.
doi:10.4229/25theupvsec2010-1dv.5.65 fatcat:eh5wkchtlzg3djch3ooj2d7wdy