MOVPE growth of high−quality ZnO

N Oleynik, A Dadgar, D Forster, F Bertram, S Deiter, J Bläsing, U Haboeck, A Diez, A Hoffmann, M Seip, A Greiling, J Christen (+1 others)
ZnO is a promising semiconductor for short wavelength light emitters and sensors. We present the growth of ZnO by metalorganic chemical vapor phase epitaxy using a two step growth process on GaN on Si or GaN on sapphire templates. For the growth of ZnO we grow a low−temperature buffer layer using tert−butanol at 450°C and a second high−temperature ZnO layer is grown at 850−950°C using N 2 O. In cathodoluminescence measurements at 5 K dominant emission from the (A0,X) exciton with a FWHM of 1.4
more » ... eV is observed. We will discuss the influence of the buffer growth parameters and of the main layer on the optical and microstructural quality of the films.