Disorders of reproductive function in female dogs and methods of diagnostic

T.V. Holumbiovska, V.Y. Stefanyk
2018 Scientific Messenger of LNU of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology  
In recent years, small animals veterinary medicine in Ukraine has undergone significant development and change. The increase of issue of breeding, obtain healthy offspring leads to magnificatition disorders of reproduction function in dogs. Therefore, the development of modern methods for diagnosis of reproductive system diseases and correction of reproductive function in dogs is important. Infertility is a temporary or prolonged loss of reproductive capacity by the female dogs as a result of
more » ... rious factors inborn or acquired in the process of life. Disorders of reproduction function caused by different etiologic factors. The main reasons can be conventionally divided into problems associated with dogs, infertility in females (disorders of estrous cycle) and infertility with physiological estrous cycle. The infertility includes disorders that are characterized by absence of estrous and prolonged proestrous / estrus and decreasing period between estrous. Other causes disorders of reproduction function are: incorrect insemination, stress, disease of uterus, disease of ovaries, infectional disease (Brucella canis, Herpes virus canis, other infectional disease), idiopathic infertility. Gynecological examination in female dogs aimed to identifying the causes of infertility should be carried out according to the established scheme, which includes the collection of anamnesis, examination, and laboratory studies. The main methods of research to determine the causes of infertility are: vaginal secretions, vaginoscopy, vaginal cytology, microbiological studies, radiography, hysteroscopy, hysterography, ultrasound examination of the uterus determination of the concentration of sex hormones in the blood.
doi:10.15421/nvlvet8376 fatcat:zlfrmfl5kzh6ta5t4c7hbbrnzu