UVP Measurements on Periodic Flow in a Flip-Flop Jet Nozzle

Jiro FUNAKI, Hiroyuki MATSUDA, Tatsuya INOUE, Hirochika TANIGAWA, Katsuya HIRATA
2007 Journal of Fluid Science and Technology  
This research deals with the switching mechanism of a flip-flop jet nozzle with a connecting tube, being based on the measurements of pressure in two chambers, velocity in the connecting tube and velocity distribution between two inside walls of the nozzle, i.e., reattachment walls. The authors particularly focus upon the details of switching flow field inside the nozzle, using a ultrasound-velocity-profile monitor (UVP monitor). As a result, two re-circulating flows, viz., two vortical
more » ... wo vortical structures, are shown on both side walls inside the nozzle. By means of the simultaneous observation of chamber pressures and connecting-tube velocity with UVP results, we show a coherent scenario of the jet-oscillation phenomenon in concern. 360 turbulent including a dominant oscillation frequency, we conduct the conditional sampling by an ultrasound-velocity-profile monitor (hereafter, referred to as UVP monitor), using the connecting-tube velocity as a reference signal. In general, in comparison with the particle-image velocimetry: the UVP monitor gives us a smaller number of instantaneous information, but its accuracy is higher.
doi:10.1299/jfst.2.359 fatcat:rmew44ruefh4zlefpm4fzpqvme