Destructive Effect of Water Vapour on an In Situ Diffusion Barrier Layer within an Aluminide Coating on IN738 Alloy

Chao Li, Peng Song, Kunlun Chen, Xuan He, Xiao Yu, Jiansheng Lu
2018 Coatings  
High-temperature interdiffusion within a hot-dipped aluminide (Al-10 wt.% Si) coating on an IN738 superalloy was investigated at 1050 °C in air and in air plus water vapour. The resulting morphology of in situ diffusion barrier layer (DBL) within the aluminide coating is affected by oxidizing atmospheres; DBL can effectively retard the interdiffusion of aluminium within the coating. The location of the in situ DBL is governed by the partial pressure of oxygen at different depths from the oxide
more » ... cales in both atmospheres. Meanwhile, the diffusion fluxes of different elements led to DBLs with different morphologies in the aluminide coating on the Ni-based alloy.
doi:10.3390/coatings8100332 fatcat:hx76so3llvghtjjpqev272xczi