Urban Policies in Support of Irregular Migrants in Geneva and Zürich

David Kaufmann, Dominique Strebel
Cities worldwide develop a variety of urban policies in support of irregular migrants. By doing so, cities intervene in a policy-making realm that is commonly perceived as the prerogative of national states. We compare policy-making in support of irregular migrants in the two biggest Swiss cities (Geneva and Zürich). Whereas Genevan authorities and local societal actors established a regularization program, actors in Zürich are struggling to create an urban ID card program. The institutional
more » ... ting of the two cities (as a city-state or a city in a state), the presence or absence of multilevel governance networks as well as the different venue shopping strategies of societal actors can explain these different urban policy-making processes. In its essence, this article is a documentation and explanation of how cities contest national state sovereignty over irregular migration and it thereby calls for an urbanization of migration theory and practice.
doi:10.3929/ethz-b-000444816 fatcat:kvyql5eqonaqlnjo73lok2obr4