The Greater Mediterranean As An Open Region: Media Space Research Programme

Olga Yarmak
2020 unpublished
In the history of humanity, several water areas and territories of intensive multilateral communication are known. The area including the coast and islands of the Mediterranean Sea and its associated seas is possibly the key one of them. Together, they form the macro-region of the Greater Mediterranean. The historical heritage and modern geopolitical processes endow the geographical region of the Greater Mediterranean with deep social and political meanings. Also, the relevance and importance
more » ... ce and importance of determining the geopolitical and geostrategic status of this region, understanding, and analysis of its social, information, and media spaces have now returned. The authors of the article describe the program of their own research of the social and media space of the Greater Mediterranean macro-region, relying, on the one hand, on a historical predisposition to create social and geopolitical spaces in the region, on the other hand, on the modern political diversity, multiculturalism, differentiation of social connections and the information environment. The authors of the article conclude that the macro-region of the Greater Mediterranean is regaining the significance of a globalization center, which is not just a region of a clash of civilizations, but an open region that accommodates a new social landscape, forms new communication links and social interaction formats.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2020.10.05.162 fatcat:fscmeh5qxzbvzkgogojawtvx4m