Fluid Dynamic Efficiency Optimization of Steam Turbine Stages Considering Leakage Influences and Inter-stage Reciprocal Interferences

Xin Yuan, Qian Pu, Xiaofeng Zhu, Zhirong Lin, Yoshiki Niizeki, Naoki Shibukawa, Tadashi Tanuma
2012 International journal of gas turbine, propulsion and power systems  
An optimization method for three-dimensional turbine blade design including end wall contouring control with non-axis-symmetric geometry has been developed. This design optimization method consists of three-dimensional parametric modeling module for blades and end walls, optimization algorithm module and the design evaluation method using Computational Fluid Dynamics code. This paper presents the advanced and more applicative study to enhance this optimization methodology from a single turbine
more » ... m a single turbine stage to two turbine stages with stator blade hub leakage and rotor blade tip leakage influences. Results of present fluid dynamic design optimization study with consideration of tip and hub leakage show that the efficiency of the current well designed high pressure steam turbine stage has been enhanced by 0.21%. Using parallel optimization algorithm and a cluster PC system, the design cycle can be shortened to seven days for an optimization with one thousand iterations of two turbine stage CFD on 20 CPUs of 2.0G cluster PC. NOMENCLATURE Radial coordinate change function, where s and t are normalized axial and circumferential coordinates respectively. Greek K Total to static enthalpy efficiency of two stages i Z Respective weights
doi:10.38036/jgpp.4.1_1 fatcat:npcdh3fqsfb65a25cwus2iqe3u