Design and implementation of fingerprint based bank locker system using ARM7 and GSM

Pooja Ausekar, Shraddha Kshirsagar, Puja Lawate, A Sujit, Inamdar
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
Today we are moving in world's advancement, so the security is major concern in order to keep data isolate from the run authorized users to access in today's world, we need high degree security system for the protection of our document, important data, as well as memory & jewellery's. In this we will use fingerprint and GUM for bank locker system. In this by using the micro controller we put door which can automatic open when the fingerprint matched. Biometric is basically the measurement & use
more » ... of unique characteristics of living beings to make them distinguish from one another. And this is more reliable then password & tokens which can be lost or stolen by the humans. So biometric means fingerprint bank locker system is more useful than other & it is also more secure. The technology can be used to identify and validate number of objects.