Edible Films of Whey and Cassava Starch: Physical, Thermal, and Microstructural Characterization

Yasmine Ariadne Andrade Martins, Samuel Viana Ferreira, Nayane Matias Silva, Marcella Fernandes Borges Sandre, Josemar Gonçalves Oliveira Filho, Paulo Victor Toledo Leão, Karen Martins Leão, Edmar Soares Nicolau, Geovana Rocha Plácido, Mariana Buranelo Egea, Marco Antônio Pereira da Silva
2020 Coatings  
The present work aimed to obtain and characterize edible films produced with liquid whey and cassava starch. The films were produced with different proportions of whey (63.75–67.50%) and cassava starch (7.50–11.25%) and characterized in relation to physical, thermal, and microstructural properties. The films showed reduced solubility with increasing concentrations of cassava starch, and those with the highest proportions of whey were more stable to thermal decomposition. The increase in
more » ... increase in concentration of cassava starch altered the microstructure of the films, making them more irregular and with an accumulation of matter. The production of biodegradable polymer blend films is an important step in the development of films for use in packaging, with the formulation of 67.50/7.50% whey/cassava starch being the best film for continued future work.
doi:10.3390/coatings10111059 fatcat:k32sbyrxbfc5zeja7ume63sba4