Operative management of Patello-Femoral instability in young athletes

Mostafa Nabil Hussein, Mohamed Samaka, Mahmoud Massoud, Ahmed Khedr
2022 International Journal of Health Sciences  
Aim: we are assessing MPFL reconstruction whether isolated or accompanied by lateral release and / or tibial tubercle transfer in management of patellofemoral instability to achieve the best results in terms of stability and return to physical activity. Methodolgy: 25 patients suffering from patellofemoral instability were included in this study. They were all suffering from recurrent/habitual dislocations or first time dislocators with traumatic history and/or failed conservative management.
more » ... rgeries addressing their pathologies included MPFL reconstruction, whether isolated or accompanied by lateral patellar release and/or tibial tubercle transfer. The decision making process of the appropriate surgery depends on the aetiology of the instability whether it is a soft tissue such as MPFL tear or a bony aetiology such as shallow trochleas and bony malalignment. Results: Clinical Evaluation was performed via Kujala-Lysholm-Tegner scores which were used to compare their preoperative statuses with their postop results at 3, 6&9 months intervals, as well as their return to physical activity. There was a significant improvement in patients' scores evident by a Lysholm score P-value less than 0.05 with a preoperative mean score of 44.60 and a postoperative score of 91.88.
doi:10.53730/ijhs.v6ns4.6803 fatcat:4ttw75fhkrczjkjo2c3hvvkqpm