Regulation relevant to (long-form) audio recordings gathered in Papua New Guinea [post]

Marion Korwin-Zmijowski, Alejandrina Cristia
2022 unpublished
In the context of research using machine-learning tools on audio-recordings gathered in several countries, the LAAC Team sought to systematize regulation relevant to such data. The most important legal issue is data protection. Data protection is an important part of using and operating technology to protect human rights, and both at the international level and at other levels in many countries, a great deal of regulation has been created to address it. In addition, we also considered
more » ... referencing issues on which there are fewer regulations as of yet: informed consent, machine-learning bias and the possibility of discrimination, duty to report illegal activities, and intellectual property (potentially) emerging from aboriginal resources. In this document, we first provide an overview of international law applicable to the protection of data from Papua New Guinean citizens. We then summarize relevant areal legislation, before turning to national legislation in Papua New Guinea specifically. Finally, after briefly describing the organization of legislation within Papua New Guinea with respect to local and regional legislation, we summarize these. Whenever possible, we explain in what way a given piece of regulation is relevant to long-form audio-recordings.
doi:10.31219/ fatcat:dbbmimhf4jherf4e5p7zl4mpji