Review of Convective Heat Transfer from Plate Fins Under Natural and Mixed Convection at Different Inclination Angle

S Kadbhane, D Palande
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
All electronics components generates heat during their operation which must get dissipated to the surrounding to ensure satisfactory performance of device and to avoid the damage to the components. One of the promising way to dissipate this heat is attaching heat sink to the device, i.e. transferring heat by convection. How much heat will get transferred by Convection depends upon geometrical parameter such as fin length, height, width, spacing, thickness ,operating parameter like heat supplied
more » ... to device, temperature difference between surface and surrounding and few other parameters like fin material, fin array orientation, number of fins etc. Day by day size of electronic devices is reducing but amount of heat generated within device is increasing as surface area exposed to surrounding is reducing due to decrease in size of device. This paper reviews the parameter which affects convective heat transfer most for a constrained dimensions of heat sink. Also, this paper focuses on assistance of mixed convection to natural convection to enhance heat transfer.