Using active learning strategies to improve preparatory Stage pupils' speaking skills

Rehab Mohamed Farghaly, Dr.Heba Mustafa Muhamed, Dr. Hayat Refaey Ali
2020 مجلة کلیة التربیة  
The present study was conducted to investigate using active learning strategies on developing speaking skills of 3 th year pupils at prep school. A pre-post non-treatment group research design was used to achieve the research objectives. Fifty pupils were randomly divided into two groups: the treatment and the treatment groups. The treatment group pupils were trained through activities based on active learning strategies. The non-treatment used was based on the content of the student"s book.
more » ... non-treatment group pupils were taught the same content through the conventional method of teaching. The sub skills of speaking that were most needed to the participants and to the difficulties they faced when studying the speaking skills, pre-post tests in speaking. Analysis of data obtained by students (using t-test) revealed that the experimental group significantly surpassed the control one on the post performance. Discussion of these results, recommendations and suggestions for further research are presented. ‫جامعة‬ ‫سويف‬ ‫بني‬ ‫التربية‬ ‫كمية‬ ‫مجمة‬ ‫اكتوبر‬ ‫عدد‬ ‫الثالث‬ ‫الجزء‬ 2020 Language features a extraordinary significance in lifestyle. Language makes a difference to individuals, thoughts, feelings and suppositions. It may be a fundamental means of communication utilizing sounds, signals, signs or images. It recognizes people from all other living beings. Over the a long time, English language got to be the essential dialect all over the world. It got to be the universal means of communication. It is the foremost commonly used language. When individuals from diverse nations need to communicate, they utilize English language. It appears that most individuals crave to memorize English. Listening and speaking are a portion of communication in day by day life. Windle and Warren(2011,p.11)Language is one of the important factors which help communication between people. People depend on effective communication with others in our daily life to exchange ideas, understand others, and solve problems... etc. (Morozova,2013,p:1) It is observed that English displaced other languages and holds a basic role as an important means of communication worldwide. Everyone tries to get the benefits of modern education, research, trade, science, etc; to achieve this target,he/ she should have a working knowledge of the English language and a working knowledge of the good communication skills. Lacking communication skills causes difficulty for people to achieve their goals in this modern world of media, mass communication and internet that needs good knowledge of English, especially of spoken English. As a teacher of EFL, the researcher noticed that speaking skills of EFL are obviously not taken care of. Teachers need help to gain ways by which they increase their ability to help preparatory school students to speak EFL fluently and understand comprehensively when they speak to it as well. Speaking is considered one of the four basic skills necessary to communicate effectively in any language, especially when the speaker doesn"t use his mother tongue. It plays an important role in achieving communication among people. Because of the importance of English, we should develop speaking skills to achieve successful communication with the native speakers of English and non-native ‫سويف‬ ‫بني‬ ‫جامعة‬ ‫التربية‬ ‫كمية‬ ‫مجمة‬ ‫اكتوبر‬ ‫عدد‬ ‫الثالث‬ ‫الجزء‬ 2020 ‫جامعة‬ ‫سويف‬ ‫بني‬ ‫التربية‬ ‫كمية‬ ‫مجمة‬ ‫اكتوبر‬ ‫عدد‬ ‫الثالث‬ ‫الجزء‬ 2020 ‫جامعة‬ ‫سويف‬ ‫بني‬ ‫التربية‬ ‫كمية‬ ‫مجمة‬ ‫اكتوبر‬ ‫عدد‬ ‫الثالث‬ ‫الجزء‬ 2020
doi:10.21608/jfe.2020.147178 fatcat:vyqewzrujvhgnopvhtu2v7ywda