Therapeutic Hypothermia in the Intensive Care Unit

Sang-Beom Jeon
2014 Journal of Neurocritical Care  
Therapeutic hypothermia is a strategy to lower core body temperature to achieve neuroprotection, and is increasingly used in the intensive care unit. This therapy has strong evidences to protect the brain in patients with hypoxic-ischemic insults from cardiac arrest and perinatal asphyxia. Therapeutic hypothermia also has beneficial effects on the reduction of brain edema and intracranial pressure. Other types of brain injuries have off-label indications and are likely to gain stronger
more » ... n stronger evidences in the future. Despite its beneficial effects on the brain and spinal cord, therapeutic hypothermia may carry complications in other organs. Therefore, physicians should be familiar with side effects as well as indications of this procedure. This review provides an overview of practical issues and indications of therapeutic hypothermia for patients with acute injuries of the brain and spinal cord in the intensive care unit. J Neurocrit Care 2014;7(1):6-15
doi:10.18700/jnc.2015.7.1.6 fatcat:ajvbelauknasvfq7hixqyabkii