United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) [chapter]

2005 Yearbook of the United Nations 2005  
by J. Bloesch) 75 6. The Framework of projects in the DRB 77 6.1 Communication in transdisciplinary and transboundary projects (V.Iordache) 77 6.2 The ICPDR and the implementation of the EU-WEFD in the Danube River Basin (P.Weller -Abstract by J.Bloesch) 81 6.3 The framework of the EU-FP6 (B.Asamer -Abstract by V.Iordache) 83 IAD International Workshop "Hydrology and Limnology" ___________________________________________________________________________ 3 7. Outcome of Group Work 86 7.1 Water
more » ... itics: Flood risk management -role of floodplains and a practical framework (EU-WFD) 86 7.2 Research: Contaminant load budgets/calculation and modelling in the DRB with regard to the Black Sea as the final recipient 87 7.3 Teaching: Strategies to improve coordination between limnology and hydrology (Universities as foci to applied science) 88 7.4 Implementation of science: Joint limnology/hydrology consulting -a network between universities, private enterprises and NGOs
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