On-road Vehicle Tracking using Laser Scanner with Multiple Hypothesis Assumption

Kyung-Jin Ryu, Seong-Keun Park, Jae-Pil Hwang, Eun-Tai Kim, Mignon Park
2009 International Journal of Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Systems  
Active safety vehicle devices are getting more attention recently. To prevent traffic accidents, the environment in front and even around the vehicle must be checked and monitored. In the present applications, mainly camera and radar based systems are used as sensing devices. Laser scanner, one of the sensing devices, has the advantage of obtaining accurate measurement of the distance and the geometric information about the objects in the field of view of the laser scanner. However, there is a
more » ... owever, there is a problem that detecting object occluded by a foreground one is difficult. In this paper, criterions are proposed to manage this problem. Simulation is conducted by vehicle mounted the laser scanner and multiple-hypothesis algorithm tracks the candidate objects. We compare the running times as multi-hypothesis algorithm parameter varies.
doi:10.5391/ijfis.2009.9.3.232 fatcat:3x5jv775p5bsbdkei327gouaaa