Molecular Comparison of Creontiades Plant Bugs from South Texas and Australia

R. J. Coleman, J. P. Hereward, P. J. De Barro, D. R. Frohlich, J. J. Adamczyk, J. A. Goolsby
2008 The Southwestern entomologist  
Research was conducted to evaluate the possibility that a plant bug damaging cotton, Gossyp/um flfrsutum L., in south Texas is actually green mind, Creontiades di/utus Stl, which is the primary plant bug pest of cotton in Australia. Molecular comparisons targeting a fragment of the COl region of mitochondrial DNA were made on Creont/ades specimens collected from the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas and specimens of green mind and brown mind, C. pacif/cus Stàl, collected from Queensland,
more » ... Queensland, Australia. The emerging south Texas cotton pest is neither of the species tested from Australia; rather it is a closely related, possibly indigenous species. Further morphological systematics work is needed to identify the Creoat/ac/es species from Texas, and collection of additional specimens from several locations where it is known to occur is ongoing.
doi:10.3958/0147-1724-33.2.111 fatcat:53gnazmgrjgldeiiis5ouzhtbq