Future Archiver for CERN SCADA Systems

Piotr Golonka, Manuel Gonzalez-Berges, Jakub Guzik, Rafal Kulaga, Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.), Costa, Isidre (Ed.), FernáNdez, David (Ed.), Matilla, ÓScar (Ed.)
The paper presents the concept of a modular and scalable archiver (historian) for SCADA systems at CERN. By separating concerns of archiving from specifics of data-storage systems at a high abstraction level, using a clean and open interface, it will be possible to integrate various data handling technologies without a big effort. The frontend part, responsible for business logic, will communicate with one or multiple backends, which in turn would implement data store and query functionality
more » ... loying traditional relational databases as well as modern NOSQL and big data solutions, opening doors to advanced data analytics and matching the growing performance requirements for data storage.
doi:10.18429/jacow-icalepcs2017-thpha037 fatcat:kt3tuv7binefbpe273wfrklbne