Temporal-varying failures of nodes in networks

Georgie Knight, Giampaolo Cristadoro, Eduardo G. Altmann
2015 Physical Review E  
We consider networks in which random walkers are removed because of the failure of specific nodes. We interpret the rate of loss as a measure of the importance of nodes, a notion we denote as failure-centrality. We show that the degree of the node is not sufficient to determine this measure and that, in a first approximation, the shortest loops through the node have to be taken into account. We propose approximations of the failure-centrality which are valid for temporal-varying failures and we
more » ... dwell on the possibility of externally changing the relative importance of nodes in a given network, by exploiting the interference between the loops of a node and the cycles of the temporal pattern of failures. In the limit of long failure cycles we show analytically that the escape in a node is larger than the one estimated from a stochastic failure with the same failure probability. We test our general formalism in two real-world networks (air-transportation and e-mail users) and show how communities lead to deviations from predictions for failures in hubs.
doi:10.1103/physreve.92.022810 pmid:26382457 fatcat:3f4v75mev5g2jfagidwis3657a