Present-Day Challenges to an Education System

2020 European Journal of Contemporary Education  
The development of the information society is giving rise to new challenges to and new requirements for education. The challenges, most importantly, include various structural and institutional changes, which are setting new goals and objectives before the Russian education system, the most significant of these being the creation of a single, all-Russian, educational space, improvement of the quality of education, development of the nurturing component of the educational process, and
more » ... n of the content-related foundations. The current process of innovative modernization is helping ensure competitive advantage for the Russian school system amid the challenges of the 21 st century information era, where education, as an open system, develops the student not as someone who is a passive learner but as an individual with a proactive stance toward the development of their competencies. Just about any educational organization is making today a wide use of various innovative resources in the educational process, including a school website, an electronic grade book, and others. The development of the Moscow Electronic School project is helping ensure today the high-quality conduct of classes in just about any school. This paper examines some of the key trends in the development of Moscow's education system in the mid-term horizon, analyzes some of the key methods for implementing in Moscow a set of laws and regulations adopted at the federal level in the early 2010s, and describes some of the key mechanisms underlying and outcomes of the changes in Moscow's education system which have taken place over the last few decades, based on which the authors identified a set of universal approaches that could be implemented in the education systems of major Russian cities. The authors also identified a set of possible challenges of the modern period based on an analysis of existing trends in the development of technology and changes in the educational needs of society and formulated a set of key considerations regarding the development of Moscow's education system in the mid-term horizon. The paper describes several digital technologies and platforms * Corresponding author E-mail addresses: (M.A. Ponomareva), (Yu.M. Gruzina), (I.A. Firsova), (M.V. Mel'nichuk) European Journal of Contemporary Education, 2020, 9(4) 774 currently employed in the sphere of education that are cutting-edge information systems designed for the development of digital educational processes.
doi:10.13187/ejced.2020.4.773 fatcat:q5h5crtefbbyhggcno2u6bcuvy