Surface morphology and fracture strength analysis of nanosecond ablated alumina

Diego Ribas GOMES, Sina HALLMANN, Christian DANIEL, Márcio Celso FREDEL, Rolf JANSSEN
2015 Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  
Although the research on laser ablation advances steadily, mainly on ultra-short pulses (in the order of pico-and femtoseconds), research on the low-cost and low-power-consuming nanosecond regime (>100 ns) is relatively scarce. This process is still difficult to predict, due to the many simultaneous and interacting physical processes that take place in a relatively short time. This study provides an experimental analysis for a ytterbium pulsed fibre-laser on Al 2 O 3 , by evaluating surface
more » ... hology and fracture strength for two sets of parameters. A very well-defined difference in removal rate and resulting surface topographies was observed, suggesting a threshold point between distinct ablation mechanisms. Laser machining also caused a clear increase on the Weibull modulus, while reducing the characteristic stress.
doi:10.2109/jcersj2.123.160 fatcat:vwyfw3z7frb2lg3lnw5fkf27zy