Leonardus W.W. Mihardjo, Sasmoko, Firdaus Alamsjah, Elidjen
2019 Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues  
The prime objective of the current study is to examine the influence of infrastructure of transportation on economic growth for various countries in ASEAN. This influence differs in terms of administrative status and quality of infrastructure across the counties. GDP has been used as an economic growth measure in terms of per worker along with various kinds of infrastructure of transportation for years 2002-2017. Therefore, a short model has been incorporated with capital stock of railways and
more » ... ck of railways and roads. Two variables have been incorporated to differentiate rods with different covering and quality. In the next step, the administrative status of roads has been distinguished. The results have revealed difficulty in interpretation because of the problem of endogeneity and reverse causality. Therefore, the research model was modified by including the lag values of variables of infrastructure of transportation for getting robust estimates. The unit root test has been performed and first differences in model ere used to obtain stationary time series. It was found that GRP per worker is greatly influenced by overall roads stock. This is because of the use of such roads for large traffic load. The regional growth of economy is greatly influenced by the light covering roads rather than national roads of similar quality/covering. The influence of local government's quality was controlled on development of economy. The turnout of voters was used as proxy variable for the local government's quality. It was found that the influence of infrastructure of transportation stock in the areas (where government is of better quality) has not much influence on GRP per worker. Different kinds of infrastructure of transportation have been shown by this research being the drivers of growth of economy in. The administrative status and quality of covering roads creates an influence on the growth of economy. Based on the findings of study, the following recommendations have been made. There is need to develop national roads to improve the economic performance. Further, there is need to improve the quality of countries. However, the influence of infrastructure transportation is high where the government has low quality and overall capital stock influence is high where the government is of good quality (Crescenzi, Cataldo, & Rodríguez, 2016) . In future, researches can be conducted by focusing on the influences of other variables of infrastructure including electricity lines, supply of water and for long time periods. The future studies can work on investigating the network effect of transportation infrastructure in ASEAN.
doi:10.9770/jssi.2019.9.2(25) fatcat:7m2cpudzlzc4nkbkq5a2vms5li