Defending theTranscendental Attitude: Husserl's Concept of the Person and the Challenges of Naturalism

Dermot Moran
keywords Phenomenology, person, naturalism, Husserl, first-person, embodiment, Lynne Rudder Baker dermot moran university college Dublin and Murdoch university The person is a concept that emerged in Western philosophy after the ancient Greeks. it has a multiple origination in Alexandrine grammar (first, second, third person), Roman law (free person versus slave) and latin christian Trinitarian theology, epitomized by Boethius' definition -a person is an individual substance
more » ... ndividual substance of a rational nature. In this paper i trace some aspects of the history of the concept of person and evaluate contemporary analytic approaches in the light of the husserlian phenomenological account of the person.
doi:10.13128/phe_mi-19531 fatcat:3acqn4vpgbgilomjsazcicsapq