A Flight-Mechanics Solver For Aircraft Inverse Simulations And Application To 3D Mirage-Iii Maneuver

Osama A. Marzouk
2015 Zenodo  
The main objective of this paper is to present a general mathematical model and an associated numerical algorithm applicable to an arbitrary fixed-wing fixed-mass aircraft undergoing an arbitrary maneuver, based on the 3D nonlinear coupled differential-algebraic equations of motion, including force, moment, kinematic and constraint equations. The model is formulated to address the inverse simulation problem where a target maneuver is prescribed and the corresponding time dependent patterns of
more » ... e control variables are solved for to meet this maneuver. The model utilizes two different moving frames of references, namely the body axes and the wind axes. The numerical algorithm features sequential solution of equations in a fully explicit manner. It is straightforward to use the model in a reverse mode, namely the direct simulation problem. The inverse problem may be summarized as follows: Inputs: Time history of desired-trajectory rectangular coordinates relative to the ground-fixed axes. A constraint should be specified, which we arbitrarily chose it to be the bank angle. Also, certain geometric and aerodynamic aircraft data are needed. Outputs: Time history of the control variables (thrust magnitude, elevator angle, rudder angle, ailerons angle), which will satisfy the aimed trajectory. The paper finally applies the presented numerical algorithm to a roll maneuver for the Mirage-III fighter.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1346086 fatcat:5cnqr7mpxnbgtfbg2rjkgvnkva