?ERhizopus javanicus?Fの有機酸およびエタノール生産に及ぼす好気培養条件の影響
Effect of Aeration Intensity on the Production of Organic Acids and Ethanol by Rhizopus javanicus

Takefumi YONEYA, Yasushi SATO
1979 Nippon Nogeikagaku-kaishi  
The effect of aeration intensity on the production of organic acids and ethanol by Rhizopus javanicus was investigated. Although the production of organic acids was increased with the increase of aeration intensity, the highest production of ethanol was obtained at specific intermediate intensity of aeration. When dissolved oxygen (DO) level in the culture was higher than the detectable level (>0.01 atm), the culture became a high acid and low ethanol type, and when DO level was lower than the
more » ... was lower than the detectable level, the culture became a low acid and high ethanol type. The differences of organic acids composition and intra-cellular enzymes activity between these two types of cultures were observed. The utility of this strain for an alcohol fermented beverage was also mentioned.
doi:10.1271/nogeikagaku1924.53.11_363 fatcat:g5cx2qotsbddrogqfjsc54qzcm