A flat ship theory on bow and stern flows

Songping Zhu, Yinglong Zhang
2003 ANZIAM journal (Print)  
An analytical solution of a two-dimensional bow and stern flow model based on a flat ship theory is presented for the first time. The flat ship theory is a counterpart to Michell's thin ship theory and leads to a mixed initial-boundary value problem, which is usually difficult to solve analytically. Starting from the transient problem, we shall first show that a steady state is attainable at the large time limit. Then the steady problem is solved in detail by means of the Wiener-Hopf technique
more » ... ner-Hopf technique and closed-form far-field results are obtained for an arbitrary hull shape. Apart from providing a better understanding of the underlying physics, the newly found analytical solution has shed some light on solving a longtime outstanding problem in the engineering practice of ship building, the optimisation of hull shape.
doi:10.1017/s1446181100013110 fatcat:dg4t64iskfgp5dtoj5ts5uwnhe