A Comparative Study of Proposed Genetic Algorithm-Based Solution with Other Algorithms for Time-Dependent Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows for E-Commerce Supply Chain

Suresh Nanda Kumar, Ramasamy Panneerselvam
2015 Journal of Service Science and Management  
The vehicle routing problem (VRP) is classified as an NP-hard problem. Hence exact optimization methods may be difficult to solve these problems in acceptable CPU times, when the problem involves real-world data sets that are very large. To get solutions in determining routes which are realistic and very close to the optimal solution, one has to use heuristics and meta-heuristics. In this paper, an attempt has been made to develop a GA based meta-heuristic to solve the time dependent vehicle
more » ... te problem with time windows (TDVRPTW). This algorithm is compared with five other existing algorithms in terms of minimizing the number of vehicles used as well as the total distance travelled. The algorithms are implemented using Matlab and HeuristicLab optimization software. A plugin was developed using Visual C# and NET Framework 4.5. Results were tested using Solomon's 56 benchmark instances (of which 24 instances are used with 4 in each of the 6 problem classes) classified into groups such as C1, C2, R1, R2, RC1, and RC2. For each of the performance measures, through a complete factorial experiment with two factors, it is proved that the proposed algorithm is the best among all the six algorithms compared in this paper.
doi:10.4236/jssm.2015.86085 fatcat:v5zcc2mdpncixaqxnmj5mzgkz4