Advances in Emerging Memory Technologies: From Data Storage to Artificial Intelligence

Gabriel Molas, Etienne Nowak
2021 Applied Sciences  
This paper presents an overview of emerging memory technologies. It begins with the presentation of stand-alone and embedded memory technology evolution, since the appearance of Flash memory in the 1980s. Then, the progress of emerging memory technologies (based on filamentary, phase change, magnetic, and ferroelectric mechanisms) is presented with a review of the major demonstrations in the literature. The potential of these technologies for storage applications addressing various markets and
more » ... roducts is discussed. Finally, we discuss how the rise of artificial intelligence and bio-inspired circuits offers an opportunity for emerging memory technology and shifts the application from pure data storage to storage and computing tasks, and also enlarges the range of required specifications at the device level due to the exponential number of new systems and architectures.
doi:10.3390/app112311254 fatcat:pg4iqzg4yfc2vb2lh2mgkyqafq