Imaging foci of epileptic discharges from simultaneous EEG and fMRI using the canonical HRF

Cheng Luo, Zhiping Yao, Qifu Li, Xu Lei, Dong Zhou, Yun Qin, Yang Xia, Yongxiu Lai, Qiyong Gong, Dezhong Yao
2010 Epilepsy Research  
Simultaneous electroencephalography and functional magnetic resonance imaging (EEG-fMRI) is considered as a powerful and non-invasive method that allows definition of the irritative zone. However, the complex interictal epileptic discharge (IED) may be present in some patients, and sometimes no active foci can be localized using General Linear Model (GLM) which is a widely adopted tool in EEG-fMRI study. The purpose of this study is to develop a new scheme to improve the detectability and
more » ... ze the canonical HRF localizable foci. Method: Various IEDs are classified using a combination of an independent component analysis (ICA) and a temporal correlation analysis between the independent components and the raw EEG channel; and the classified IEDs are then separately used for foci localization. This scheme is tested by ten patients with variable IEDs, including two patients whose activity could not be identified by common method. Result: Applying this scheme to the two patients, some foci consistent with electroclinical data were localized. When it was applied to the remaining eight patients with positive results using common method, 2-4 types of IEDs were classified, and the activity could be identified from at least one type of IED. The results were similar to that received from common method. Conclusion: These results indicate that the proposed scheme could enhance the imaging of the localizable foci by isolating its IEDs. This scheme is potentially a useful tool for epilepsy clinic.
doi:10.1016/j.eplepsyres.2010.07.003 pmid:20674274 fatcat:6cnuyo5ztjh3dffkkxzi5piazq