Subsurface Drip Fertigation: A Tool for Practicing4R Nutrient Stewardship in Sugarcane

R. Mahesh, B. Patil, H. Archana
2018 Better Crop with Plant Food  
ABBREVIATIONS AND NOTES: N = nitrogen; P = phosphorus; K = potassium; DAP = diammonium phosphate; MAP = monoammonium phosphate; KCl = potassium chloride; KNO 3 = potassium nitrate; K 2 SO 4 = potassium sulfate; US$1= 64.37 Indian Rupee (Rs.). Dr. Mahesh amongst robust growth of sugarcane receiving the right method of fertilizer application through sub-surface drip irrigation (SSDF) using a mix of water soluble fertilizers (WSF).
doi:10.24047/bc102217 fatcat:u4c2vvqkinh2ffyokvev3glazu