FarFish project summary report aimed at a wider audience

Jónas R. Viðarsson, Ragnhildur Friðriksdóttir, Alexandre Rodríguez, Benvindo Fonseca, Duarte F. Vidal, Gregoire Touron-Gardic, Ingrid Kvalvik, Jamie Lentin, Joshua Nyarko Bomapong, Juliana A. Galvao, Juliana Arias-Hansen, Karim Erzini (+14 others)
2021 Zenodo  
The FarFish project published a so called "Legacy booklet" towards the end of the project, which is intended to summarise progress and key results to a wider audience e.g. to stakeholders that do not have scientific background or expert knowledge on the main project topics. The publication of this "project summary report aimed at a wider audience" was described in the original project description as follows: Task 7.8 Project summary report aimed at a wider audience: In order to make the project
more » ... results widely known and understood by everyone with an interest in the subject, the project coordinator will produce a project summary report at the end of the project. The report will describe in layman-terms the project as a whole, the main challenges and the most important results. This will facilitate dissemination to a wider audience, which will be important when considering the wide range of stakeholders connected to the subject. The "Legacy booklet" is presented in this report
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6427165 fatcat:chxvyzkfsjbwdbxs7iznpgx5su